The Proceedings embrace the coal preparation industry at all levels including technical research, design of techniques, manufacturing, production management and others involved, which are aimed to provide the counterparts with an ideally broad platform for sharing experience and technology.

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Russia coal preparation trends

The site presents the analysis of the status of coal preparation technologies in Russia, trends in the development of coal processing technology and its relation with solving environmental problems. The emphasis is placed on fine products dewatering processes. Data are presented on new and retrofitted coal preparation plants and key areas where future R&D should be focused.

China coal preparation trends

Coal is the main energy source in China. For the purpose of increasing the efficiency of coal combustion and the reduction air pollution caused by coal combustion, and adapting to the request of coal products market, now the development of coal preparation is quickly progressing in China. The paper describes the development and the current status of coal preparation techniques, coal preparation process and equipment, coal preparation plants construction with regard to the Chinese coal preparation industry, including: units of researching, design and coal preparation production; the construction and evolvement of coal preparation plants; coal preparation methods and technical circuits used by coal preparation plants; the application and development of coal preparation equipment in coal preparation plants etc, and discusses the trend of coal preparation development and key technologies in China. The paper completely presents the current status and the trend of coal preparation on aspects of technology and equipment and coal preparation plants in China. The paper has important guidance point for the development of Chinese coal preparation in future.