Chinese Coal Preparation Plants

Look back history

Development of Chinese coal preparation and processing technology has be the synchronization with international level. Technical applied in coal preparation plants has reached to a level of international advanced.

Chinese coal preparation plants mainly were designed and built by England, Japan, Russia, Poland or cooperation before 1956 year, for example, Linxi, Didao, Shuangyashan, Matou, Zhuzhou, Taiyuan coal preparation plants. Coal preparation design institute was established in China in 1956. Some mine design institutes established coal preparation specialty as well. From this time, coal preparation plants design was started in China.

First large jig coal preparation plant—Handan Coal Preparation Plant

First large coal preparation plant to be design and constructed by China self was built and put into production in 26, Dec. 1956. The history of being unable to design coal preparation plants by China self was over.

The design capacity of Handan coal preparation plant is 1. 5 Mt/a. Coal preparation technical scheme adopted by the plant are jig and flotation. Because of limited of techniques level in that time, jig used vertical air-valve, concrete frame, area is 8 m2. Volume of flotation machine only is 2. 5 m2. Then techniques of the plant were behind. Facilities quantity was more and processing system was complicated in the plant. Through many times innovation of techniques, the plant has be a modern coal preparation plant of coking coal.

First large dense medium coal preparation plant—Tianzhuang Coal Preparation

Tianzhuang coal preparation plant is first large dense medium coal preparation plant in China. The design capacity is 3. 5 Mt/a, the plant put into production in Oct. 1970. Technical scheme of coal preparation plant used classification washing coal, classification size is 13 mm, block coal over 13 mm is separated by 2. 6 m dense medium drewboy bath, 13 ~ 0. 5 mm coal is separated by $>500 mm dense medium cyclone, below 0. 5 mm slime is separated by flotation used 4 m3 flotation facility. All machine and electric facilities of the plant was product by China, there are 36 kinds of new facilities, for example, 30 m2 resonance screen, $>30 m concentrator, WLC-800 centrifuge etc., many facilities got successfully operation in practice. The construction and techniques innovation of the plant changed behind status of coal preparation in China, and actively impelled development of Chinese coal preparation industry. High Medium consumption, many accidents of facilities and pipeline abrasion were main problem in initial production of the plant due to limit by then facilities and material level. Through practice and innovation for many years, the plant not only accumulated plentiful experiences for Chinese coal preparation plant, but also got considerable economic benefit. At present, it has be a factory to get considerable profit.

First coal preparation plant built by domestic design and introduction international facilities—Xiqu Coal Preparation Plant

Xiqu coal preparation plant is a large modern plant and put into production in 1987, their facilities were introduced from the America and Japan. The design capacity is 3. 5 Mt/a. the plant used the technical scheme of rough separation by jig, clean separation by dense medium cyclone and slime flotation. The technical scheme was applied in Chinese coal preparation plants for long time. The plant used then domestic biggest separation facility, for example, Rongtian 27 m2 side moving jig, Shenhu 27 m2screen, Womic flotator, Berde 1 418 screen bowl centrifuge, Amuke 200 m2 filter, Danfu 2 424 spiral dryer, 750 m2 press filter etc. Xiqu coal preparation plant adopted the way of “order menu” to stock advanced facilities to be introduced from difference nations, was designed and built by china self. The construction of these plants made techniques and equipment of than china to get greatly progress, reduced difference with other countries. The construction plant way of self design and international stocking indicated Chinese coal preparation technology and application to enter international advanced level.

First coal preparation plant using three-products dense medium cyclone by domestic production-Tiedong Coal Preparation Plant

First large coal preparation plant to adopt three-product dense medium cyclone was built and put into production in august, 1991. Tie dong coal preparation plant uses the techniques of classification washing coal, +13 mm block coal is separated by jig, 13 ~0. 5 mm coal is treated by dense medium separation, —0. 5 mm slimes separated by flotation. The design capacity is 1. 2 Mt/a. All facilities were produced by domestic factories. After this, Qixing and Jinyang coal preparation plants using three- product dense medium cyclone to be introduced from Russia were built and put into production. But their operation did not reach to desire. The three-product dense medium cyclone by domestic production was applied successfully in Caitun coal preparation plant, but has been not widely adopted. Beijing Huayu Engineering Ltd. Company concerns the characteristic of Tiedong mine coal, first would use advanced research results in production practice of the plant, got great progress. Tiedong coal preparation plant has the advantages of advanced technology, fitly design, high automation level, well economic benefits. The design of the plant was chose as gold medal. The project greatly promoted the development and application of three-product dense medium cyclone and gravity separation in China. At present, separation techniques of three-product dense medium cyclone and three-product dense medium cyclones gradually mature, is widely applied, is the advanced of international level.

First high efficiency coal preparation plant use the way of assemblage by domestic production—Bofang Coal Preparation Plant

Bofang coal preparation plant is designed and built by Beijing Huayu engineering Ltd. Company. Their facilities all are from domestic. The plant adopted the way of high efficiency assemblage construction. The project construction period only is ten mouths. The plant put into production in august, 2000. the design capacity is 0. 60 Mt/a. separation size is 25~0 mm. The plant used technical scheme of three-products dense medium cyclone with pressure, slime flotation, gangue coal pressure filtration.

The way of laying facilities in main work shop and construction structure of Bofang coal preparation plant are difference with conventional coal preparation plants. It used the way of light steel structure support, the plant frame only reacts on protection, facilities is set on ground. The way reduced load of work shop base, difficulty and cost of construction base. The light steel structure may be manufactured and assembled in construction locale, so that it reduces construction period. The lay way fall workshop height, and falls height of lifting material, so that reduces power consumption and workshop volume. The new system of adjust density makes time of dense adjust reduce a few ten times than conventional way. Therefore, the plant assures quality of product stationery. The advanced centrally control system may complete all control courses, so that it largely decreases operators and enhances production efficiency.

After the plant was built, Shenhua Zhuigeer, Xingtai Dongpang, Jincheng Shihe, Huozhou Sanjiaohe, Huohou Huibodi, Huaibei Qidong, Pingshuo Muhoujie, Hancheng and Shangshuping etc. coal preparation plants were continuously built and put into production. These plants get widely approbation well. These plants have same features as follow: advanced techniques, simple and logical system; good-sized facilities, less quality of facilities; compact lay, expediently examine and repair; low height of workshop, less power consumption; less worker, high production efficiency.

The high efficiency coal preparation plants compare with the same scale conventional plants, there are three aspects in high efficiency:

  • Invest cost of construction is reduced about 20%~30%, including: facilities quantity to be decreased 50%~60%, workshop volume to be decreased 50%~60%, production pipelines to be decreased 60%~70%, transport launders to be decreased 60%~70%, construction period to be shortened 50%~60%.
  • Production cost is reduced about 50%~60%, including: power consumption to be decreased 50%~60%, maintain workload to be reduced 60%~70%, spare part quantity to be decreased 50%~ 60%, work force to be reduced 60%~70%, operators every team in workshop to need 2 persons.
  • Enhancing integration efficiency about 10%~20%, including; enhancing separation yield efficiency 1%~3%, prolonging time of stationary operation 20%~30%, enhancing work efficiency 60% ~70%.

First oversize modern coal preparation plant—Anjialing Coal Preparation Plant

Pingshuo Anjialing open-mine coal preparation plant is one of oversize coal preparation plant in whole world. The design capacity is 15. 00 Mt/a. The plant put into production in 2000. Now it has been enlarged to capacity of 21. 00 Mt/a. The plant used techniques scheme of dense medium separation after raw coal classification, +13 mm block coal is separation by dense medium scrape separator, 13~0.5 mm fine coal is separation by dense medium cyclone. Facilities were purchased by international invite public bidding. Their performance is credible. Their indexes are advanced. There are many items of techniques innovation in the course of design of the plant. New techniques, new material and new technical scheme were adopted in the course of construction plant. Production practice has demonstrated that all targets have reached to demand or be beyond design level. Production efficiency reaches 260 t every person every day.