Coal briquetting practices in Turkey

Coal briquetting practice in Turkey has been started in Zonguldak in 1939 for briquetting of the coal and coke fines . The binders used in old briquetting plants were coal tar pitch and petroleum refining residue (bitumen). Due to their contribution to air pollution, their uses as binder have not been allowed in the last 15 years. The new plants are obliged to use environmentally sound binders such as molasses, dextrin, lime, etc. alone or in combinations. The briquettes produced by using molasses as binder show high compressive strength while their resistance to water are almost low. This problem is overcome partly by packing the briquettes into nylon bags.

In the last 15 years, many briquetting plants have been established by the non-governmental investors with varying capacities between 15 to 50 tph in Istanbul, Iskenderun, Samsun, Corum, Mugla, Ankara, Kirklareli, Rize and Konya. Most of them are agglomerating lignite fines produced in the district, by blending with the fines of imported steam coals.