Coal Preparation and Coal Preparation Technology in China

Chinese coal industry has entered a new development stage in the 21 century. On bases of rough statistic, the quantity of raw coal is 1 960 Mt in China. There are 2 000 coal preparation plants in operation. There are 394 coal preparation plants that their capacities are over 0. 45 Mt/a. The design capacity of coal preparation is 750 Mt/a, actually production capacity is 600 Mt/a. The quantity of washing coal is 38% of raw coal quantity in 2004. The capacity of washing coal will reach to 800 million tons every year in 2005. The quantity of washing coal will reach to 650 million tons every year in 2005. The coal output and export quantity in recently years in china have been shown in table 1.
Table1 Coal output and export quantity of coal in recently years in China Unit: million ton

Years 1995 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004
Output 129 218 123 251 104 363 99 917 110 559 141 531 172 787 195 593
Export 2 862 3 229 3 741 5 518 9 012 8 678 9 302 8 593

In accordance with researching report on “The Stratagem of Sustainable Development on China Energy Sources” and «China Energy Sources Development and Informing Forum», coal will still be main energy source in future in China. Coal will be 60% of one-off energy production and consumption in China in 2010. Coal proportion among energy sources will not be less than 50% in 2050. Because of history task completely building well-to-do society, China economy in 2020 will be double one in 2000. If the status has been keeping, the demand of energy sources will be to 3300 million tons normal coal.

Chinese coal source is plentiful, its distribution is wide. Coal distribution areas are about over 0. 6 million square kilometers. Tenure sources quantity is 1 020 200 million tons. On bases of forecast and value of third times coal sources, the total quantity of coal sources is 5. 57 million billion tons, is first on the whole world. Reserves of coal to be able to be mined is 2 040 billion tons, is second on the whole world. There are all kinds of coal from lignite to anthracite in China, and the quality of coal is choiceness. Wild meta-bituminous is 33%, secondly middle meta-bituminous, meager coal, anthracite and lignite.

Therefore, Chinese coal industry has well development foreground.

Energy sources is indispensable matter to keep economy quickly developing, and is importance pollution sources as well. China will carry out the policy of “consumption of energy sources is not only least, environment pollution is but also least in future twenty years”, therefore we must carry out the stratagem of energy sustainable development of “ prior saving energy, multi-construction, well environment, market impelling”. Therefore, it is an important work to enhance proportion of washing coal and generalize clean coal technology in China.

At present, China has built many units to embark on production, manufacture, researching and design in domain of clean coal.

Main universities to take education and researching

China University of Mining and Technology;
Anhui University of Technology;
Heilongjiang Institute of Science and Technology;
Shanxi University of Technology.

Main research units to take equipment and techniques

There are many tens units, including:
Coal Research Institute Tangshan Branch;
Shanghai Aikai Zhongxuan Machine and Electric Equipment Company etc.

Main design units to take circuits research and engineering design

There are many tens units, including:
Beijing Huayu Engineering Ltd. Company;
Taiyuan Coal Mine Design Institute etc.

Main manufactures to take equipment development and manufacture

There are many hundreds enterprises, including:
Laiwu Mine Machine Ltd. Company;
Shandong Mine Taian Machine Factory;
Anshan Mining Machine Factory;
Pingdingshan China Coal Preparation Baita Ltd. Company.

Large coal preparation plants to take coal processing

There are many thousands plants, for example:
Pingsuo Anjialing Coal Preparation Plant;
Shenhua Daliuta Coal Preparation Plant;
Pingdingshan Tianzhuang Coal Preparation Plant;
Yanzhou Xinglongzhuang Coal Preparation Plant;
Huainan Wangfenggang Coal Preparation Plant;
Kailuan Fangezhuang Coal Preparation Plant.

Burning-coal gangue Power plants

There are a few hundreds factories, for example:
Jincheng Power Plant;
Huainan Xinzhuang Power Plant;
Shenhua Damo Power Plant.

Apart from, there are many briquetting plants and coal chemical plants.

There is quite scope on clean coal production in China. Level of techniques and development has reached to international advanced plane.