Coal Preparation Practices in Turkey

Coal share in total energy demand of Turkey is decreased by the years. Although , above 75% of the domestic lignite production is consumed in electricity production, its contribution in total energy consumption is diminishing. Due to the environmental and political impacts, most of the thermal power plants has been operated with low capacities. Presently, coal contribution to total energy demand is around 20% which includes imported coals. In Turkey, coal based electricity production has been replaced by natural gas, and the country are faced with an unbalanced fuel policy.
Although, the coal production has been decreased in the last years, the interest in coal preparation plants increased. The obligations brought by domestic municipal forced the coal producers to clean their coal. In last five years , many coal preparation plants have been constructed. Turkish Coal Enterprises and Turkish Hard Coal Enterprises constructed eight new coal washeries in 2005 with the capacities varying between 300 to 800 tph. Presently, coal preparation plants treat around 20 million tons of r. o. m. coal which is approximately 35% of coal production of Turkey.
It is expected that the number of coal preparation and coal briquetting plants will increase in near future as well. But, the expectations on coal contribution to primary energy demand of the country is not so promising.