The development trend of Chinese coal preparation

Coal preparation is base of clean coal. Advanced and high efficient and economic applicable techniques are a target at all times. Though development of coal preparation trends to multi-element, basic trend is as following:

  • Coal preparation device large-scale.
  • Dense medium separation being main techniques.
  • Assemblage construction is a new mode of coal preparation building.
  • Gradually enhancing automation control of coal preparation course and automation level.

Large-scale coal preparation equipment

Chinese coal preparation plants are trending to large-scale development, apart from Shanxi Pingshuo Antaibao coal preparation plant(15 Mt/a) and Anjialing coal preparation plant(21 Mt/a) two super large plants, capacity of most plants to be building is above 6. 0 Mt/a, some is above 10 Mt/a. Inner Mongolia Shenhua Haerwusu coal preparation plant which is designing by Beijing Huayu Engineering Ltd. Company, its capacity is 25 Mt/a. enlarging of coal preparation plants scale relies on increasing of capacity of coal preparation devices. It brings advantages of simple system, low invest and less operators for coal preparation plants.

Dense medium techniques lock-in market

With the development of Chinese economy, request to quality of coal products becomes more and more high. And Chinese coal mostly is difficult separation coal. Therefore, trend of coal preparation techniques is that dense medium separation is main, jig still is first method of easy separation coal, upper size of flotation will reduce to 0. 2 mm, other techniques will reasonably be used in some especial conditions.

Through practice and researching for many years, dense medium separation techniques have gradually become mature, especially dense medium cyclone separation. Conventional dense medium separation techniques stress on classification separation and slime removal separation. And new techniques may realize no-classification and no-removal slime separation, so that makes simplification of circuit, easy to management and reducing construction invest. Application of wearable material prolongs life-span of devices and pipelines. Enhancing of automation level not only makes simplification of operation but also reduces consumption of dense medium. Dense medium separation has recognized as same as jig. Because construction invest and production cost of dense medium separation has neared to jig, and separation precision is higher than jig, dense medium separation will become main techniques in Chinese coal preparation industry.

Flotation is most efficient techniques to treat with fine coal slime, but its production cost is high. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce slurry volume of flotation. Falling upper size of flotation is a valid method. At present, valid lower size of gravity separation is 0. 2mm, upper size of flotation is suitable in future.

Dry separation and basket jig etc coal preparation techniques have large application limit, but it is a valid method in especial condition. Therefore, Chinese coal preparation techniques all will get developing in some extend.

New mode of coal preparation plant construction

China is facing with important period of new building and innovating coal preparation plants. New building coal preparation plants will mainly treat with power coal to resolve problems of mass power coal need to washing and enhancing coal quality. Coal preparation plants of coking coal mainly need to be innovated to resolve problems of devices timeworn and techniques behindhand. With change of market request and person’s ideas, coal preparation techniques of power coal and coking coal will be no difference. Power coal may completely be washed in accordance with need. Therefore, there is no point on division power coal or coking coal, when persons design coal preparation plants.

“Shorten construction period, reduce construction invest, reduce production cost, enhance production efficiency and economic benefit” is target of coal preparation plants in way of assemblage.

Automation control and whole automation.

Most new construction coal preparation plants adopt on-line measure to ensure product quality, maximally enhance product yield and efficiency, and using- computer to control automatically for separation coal course. Coal preparation plant of lately design by Beijing Huayu Engineering Ltd. Company needs 3~5 operators every shift.

With the development of information technology, coal preparation plant automation will trend to integrative “integration system” of production and management in network as hold, in information management as center and in information technology as method.