Treatment of coal gangue

Burning coal gangue power plants

The key devices of burning coal gangue, for example, boiler, desulfurization and dust etc, have mature techniques in china, and the devices may be mass — produced. Circle fluidization bed boiler from 35 t/h, 75 t/h, 130 t/h to 210 t/h all have been put into market. They may completely satisfy to request of 1. 2~13. 5 ten thousands kW. Circle fluidization bed boiler with 30 ten thousands kW and 410 t/h has be used in Sichuan province Neijiang city Baima power plant, there are 400 power plants of burning coal gangue in china, generation power capacity is more 4. 00 million kW, generation quantity is 239 billion kWh/a. generation capacity of building, innovating and enlarging build power plants is 4. 10 million kW. Up to end of 2005 year. Capacity will reach to 8 million kW.

Coal gangue brick

Coal industry has built more 160 brick plants to utilize coal gangue, production capacity reaches to 40 billion pieces every year.